Sunday, 30 September 2012

Escaping from evensong/ 50 shades of grey

Friends, I am here! I have never really been away, only I have been very busy, and Facebook packed up on me, and I went all awol. I have been out for many a bike ride when I might have been blogging, such as this one here. Somehow, technology all went buggerup for me of late, and I had to get a new camera to replace my new camera, and a new phone cos I got RSI from a normal amount of texting on a phone that I think must have come from Victorian days when heavy metal was the thing you used for everything. Sure there were other things that gave up on me too. So when Facebook played up, I think my mind had a kind of cork put in it, and being busy didn't help.

So to celebrate my return to virtual life, I thought a blog entry was needed, a traditional one including pictures of Humber mud or fog or summat, some of work in progress, and maybe even the garden if I can. so here it is. This video was the famous Escape from Evensong event, when I had it all planned out, bike togs under perfectly normal Sunday Best. I had the times of the tides and the sunsets carefully stored in my head, and knew I had to get away before the end of evensong, or I would get stuck in a traffic jam at the door. So I parked my bike next to the font, then during the last hymn - a real sacrifice to miss the voluntary on the organ at the end - I scooted to the back, removed the Sunday Best and left it folded with the hymnbooks - t'owd man was sure to see it and take it home - and scooted off to the Humber in search of the Perfect Sunset that I had omitted to photograph in my quest for speed the week previously. I think it was the last summer sunset, and I missed photographing it! A streak of orange reflected on the evening muddy shore when the tide was low! Awesome! Awful! And THIS is what I got to replace it..... and I was fascinated by the streak of white on the horizon, and it seemed to be coming towards me so I turned on the little machine.....

And yes, I DID get wet!

Rothko Sunset 

All my work so far

I know, I know, Rothko dealt mainly in red; but we don't DO red much here on the Humber (except the fab sunset I failed to record, grrrr!), so this will have to do. It isn't a lot, but this will have to be the new blog for now. I have of course been busy on My Life's Work, and here is some of it displayed on the washing line. Oh dear, it's covered up! Well perhaps you will come back here sometime? I will be blogging some more. I'm very busy just now  as you know, my exhibition starts Nov 6th, and I have about 20% of the work still to do. But we might get there.

I decided it needed a bit of colour after all, so here is the start on Ps 84, as I'm sure you knew. Also displayed with Robert Davidson's commentary on the psalms, 'The Vitality of Worship'. This has been my constant companion for months, on my desk, at my bedside. Sadly, he died last week. He will live on. But as Woody Allen said, 'I don't want to live on in the hearts and minds of my audience, I want to live on in my apartment'; as do we all, and we want it for our friends too. But better to live on in the hearts of others than not, and Robert Davidson most certainly will.

And let's end with a bit more colour from the last of the summer flowers. Actually, these have only just come into their own as I sowed and planted them late; but what a lovely bonus for early autumn. Good! This blog post started out all grey, and it has progressed from that to this luminous display. There will be more, when I can; bear with me if you enjoy any of this, and thanks for coming back.