Psalm 133

Oh I love this one! I found out why on holiday this year while gazing at Ballard Down in Dorset, a sight that has rested the eyes every year since 1987. 'Brethren dwelling in harmony' makes me think of my 3 sons having a good time together on holiday (in Dorset, yes!), and they are all planning to turn up to the private viewing, bless 'em. The rich deep wine red is meant to evoke Aaron's priestly robes, and this part was started when I was sitting in the chapel of Alton Benedictine community at a dedication service for someone starting out on the road to becoming an oblate. Pleasingly, there was quite a bit of wood in that chapel of that wine red. Amazing.

This piece went on to be beaded, but I had to make it plain again as the beads just did not belong, and took away the velvetty softness of the colours, which are some cotton fabrics I dyed myself; that way, there's an irregularity that rests the eyes, much like the hills of Dorset. A short psalm, and a short blog page. Nuff said. (But I hope the clasped hands in two almost-the-same shades of skin aren't fighting!)

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