Wednesday, 21 December 2011


The deed is done. The Christmas tree is skulking in a dark alleyway... Oooh, t'wd man went out, having declared there would be no Christmas tree in this house, and the plotters
swung into action. Texts were discovered from 2009 in which the Rowett brothers similarly plotted, and marvelled at the man with his Christmas-cancelling tendencies. But they won out in the end, the brothers I mean.

A prize for anyone who can complete the song 'No Christmas tree, no Christmas tree....'

The next gripping installment will be brought to you as it unfolds....

The ultimate goal of all this is to get t'owd man into his chair with a glass of beer and a book, and a smile on his face as he says 'How fascinating!' Then we will know that Christmas has come.

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