Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hula hoop moments (1)

Ooooh, that was a bit hippy! 'Mind games' and all that! Thinking about empty spaces in the head, and there came upon me a HULA HOOP MOMENT, yea, which lasted overnight and is still with us, and I had to get a notebook to write down all the good ideas I started to have before breakfast! (OK, friends, I know that means 'before 4 pm'). There'll be more about this later.... but I don't think I have such moments quite on the scale of this, which arrived in 'Bible Society Newswatch':

"A Dutch builder has asked London mayor Boris Johnson if he can bring his ‘Noah's Ark’ to the capital for next year’s Olympics. Johan Huibers claims he was guided by a dream to create the £1 million life-size replica of the biblical boat. Both model and real animals will feature on the 450ft by 75ft vessel, which sits on 25 barges wrapped in a steel frame. Huibers was inspired to undertake the project 20 years ago, but actually started building it on the river near Rotterdam three years ago – against his wife’s advice. ‘It is to tell people that there is a Bible and that, when you open it, there is a God,’ said the 60-year-old construction company owner."

I MEAN! I know just where he's coming from! But at least MY hula hoop moments are a bit... SMALLER  in their effect, you know, like little squares 6 x 7 cm.

More anon..... it's a sunny day... let's have Psalm 17:15
"As for me, I shall behold thy face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake, with thy likeness." (KJV)

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