Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Running Elk

My head is so big these days! So big in fact that I couldn't go into church without brushing near a candle and setting fire to my hair! Oh dear! I'm so giddy that I can hardly blog just now. I plan to return to Normal Life sometime around mid-Oct, after which I will have done a lot of work on Lists, and will have tidied and organised the whole house, including washing the windows on both sides, up and down stairs! Normally I rely on getting new ones to deal with the fact that after a year or two they get to look a bit grubby.

But until normal life returns, I'm in this cloud-cuckoo land for a few more days yet. Today I went to a funeral of a very dear priest friend, sitting in the same pew as I sat a few weeks ago to celebrate his 25 years since priesting. Taking a trip to look at the plaque underneath a memorial window, I cocked my head sideways to look beyond the vase of flowers placed there, and felt part of my head become strangely warmed. Ash fell onto my nose. I had to hit my head to put out the flames I assumed to be there. My friend looked and thought a big black spider had landed on my head. Then I burst into loud weeping, and  moments later into loud laughter (actually, quite a few moments later). My husband had just perfumed the air with the best incense, and complained that I spoilt it. Flippin' 'eck! My 15 minutes of fame is about to descend on me, and I set head on fire! And this just after I had my 4-monthly not-cheap haircut. I now need to get to work on some textile piece to cover up the frizzy tuft that is where only last week I had luxurious salon-conditioned silky locks! And after I'd whispered to the MU president as we waited for the coffin to arrive,"I'm an artist now; I'm allowed messy hair". (I had arrived very hurricane-dried today).

Hubby, alias t'owd man, of course said a catch-phrase of long-standing: 'White man's head on fire'; hence the inclusion of this Glenn Baxter cartoon from years ago.

And our priest friend? Fr. Robert Jones, you will be laughing your socks off now, I know you will! An envelope was found on his kitchen table with an anagram of 'funeral' scribbled on the back. It was: 'Real fun'.

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