Monday, 5 September 2011

Sarah and Hagar go to town

Well they got there - to Southwark I mean, the cathedral. They got sewn together on holiday, the final stitches. Will they get shortlisted? I'll be delighted if they do. If they don't, oh well. I took them to St. Aldhelm's Head chapel on the Dorset coast for a champagne reception last Thursday evening. Sarah and Hagar, Isaac and Ishmael, two of my boys (Jez and Joolz), Joolz's fiance Soph, friend Phil. T'owd man took the pics, which is why he is nowhere to be seen. We poured Cava and I stood around. Lost my Santiago scallop shell pendant in the process and found it next morning on a solitary walk to the chapel. There it was, by the font. So here are the pics. I'm gutted. It's finished - maybe. This blog entry is a bit of a mess. Yesterday was our 35th wedding anniversary, and tonight we are having a bit of a dinner. Had to drink a glass of wine before I could make the apple pie, as the place was in meltdown, and I needed to not care. I fell over when I went to the oven to look at the pie, as my leg went funny as I'd pulled a muscle because I made a labyrinth which involved running crouched down a mile backwards with a cricket stump dragging in the sand. This made me think that Jacob would be a good subject. Who'd have an Abraham when you can have a Jacob? They say the pie was great.

Isaac and Ishmael

Viv & Joolz

Sophie laughed

Jez, Joolz, Viv, Phil, Sophie

Isaac and Ishmael playing by the sea

Hagar & Ishmael
Sarah & Isaac

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