Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Camino bore, day 11; A visual feast

Do you think that would suit me, dear?
Monday May 10th, 2010. Ages to Burgos. A short day of walking, as Burgos cathedral has to be given an afternoon at least to look round. We passed through Atapuerca, site of a discovery of some very ancient human remains, the most ancient in Europe. I couldn't help but notice that.... well, I'll leave it to you. As our Joolz says, a cross between the Archbishop of Canterbury and Maurice Gibb.

We ate the very first tapas in our lives, aged 55 - how can there be such deprivation! We looked round the cathedral, which has been described as going inside a wedding cake. Round every corner there was yet more sumptuous decoration; somehow it felt like 'too much' and I felt slightly sick, not because I ddin't like it or approve; it was a visual version of eating a bit too much chocolate.

There were two memorable statues here; representations of pilgrims abound along the camino. The foot-inspecting one is VERY realistic. Graffiti is another thing that abounds, and here is a witty one of an overloaded pilgrim.


My tapas-deprived life

Burgos cathedral

Burgos cathedral inside

David's suntan

I know how he feels...

Overloaded pilgrim, dreaming of home
Burgos was like Santo Domingo de la Calzada in that the central albergue was an amazing state-of-the-art thing. For some reason we got used to sleeping in strange things, and so we didn't take a picture of the sleeping arrangements here, but I managed to find this you-tube which gives you a good idea; if you have been to St. Deiniol's Library in Hawarden, it was a bit like sleeping in one of the clever bookshelves in the annexe. Although very high-quality design & fittings, it still retained the albergue feel; it was not a luxurious hotel, as you will see if you look at the you-tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7bP96ADUKE

The day was completed in its magnificence by a meal at the same bar (Gaoda on the S. side of the cathedral) of suckling pig, and we dined with pilgrims from Ireland. Ah - Spanish TV in the corner! I miss it, especially at breakfast time.

No-one was allowed to leave this albergue until 7 am in the morning, which annoyed some people, especially the Germans who liked to be off and away early. As there's a lot of competition for bed spaces, getting a bed for the night is starting to become like taking part in a race. This is because it is a holy year, and also because there are many more German pilgrims than usual as their comedian recently walked the camino and wrote about it. Pilgrims are very caring towards one another, except when it comes to getting that last available bed.

Crikey! All this sumptuous-everything isn't good for me. I'll be glad to get back to something a bit more homely. It's funny; so much to see, but what do I paint on my paper camino for today? Too much is bad for me. I have no thoughts AT ALL. Take me back to the Supermercado experience; everything you want in a small room. I don't DO sumptuous for long. I crave a scullery. I think I must be descended from the servant classes, and am happy to stay there.

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