Saturday, 7 May 2011

Taste of Sardinia

This will be of most interest to a friend living in or near Barton-on-Humber, but will make my other reader drool. Yesterday on our 'just like the camino' bike ride, we stopped off in Hessle, as I wanted to try out something from the 'Taste of Sardinia' place that I'd looked in before. This will become a regular! We bought a focaccia like no other we've ever had - a breaddy outer layer with oozy mozarella, tomato & ham interior, which we ate while straddling our bikes on a narrow footpath twixt a railway line and a ditch near Beverley when we'd gone off the proper bike route, and it was a taste sensation! Energy being low, it was hard not to wolf it down without savouring, but savour we did, and it will be one of those memories that never fades. See:

They have a small shop in the pedestrianised part of Hessle, which means that local schoolkids can get some of this on the way home. I can't recommend it highly enough. Anyone wanting to try something, let me know and I'll bike over to get it....

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