Monday, 2 May 2011

Camino bore, day 3

St Augustine's Church, Grimsby
Yesterday we went to St Augustine's, Grimsby where D presided at the eucharist.

Today is Day 3 of walking the camino, 2010. We walked west  (as always!) away from Pamplona and the Pyrenees backdrop, slept poorly in an excellent room for 2 in an inn in Uterga (the only time we had to do that), already missing the night-time companionship of sleeping in a dormitory for 28 or more. It doesn't take long to transform a person into a pilgrim, and acceptance of communal life! From Uterga, feeling knackered,  we did a very short day to Puente la Reina, making the detour to Eunate where there is a Romanesque church isolated in the countryside, a burial church for pilgrims; normal life continues along the camino, including death, now, just as in days gone by, and we passed several memorials to more contemporary pilgrims. The camino is something that people who have been given months to live sometimes want to do in order to complete their life's journey. We are lucky to have done it and to have, as far as we know, some time left over.

The rot had set in in my feet due to the long day yesterday, and in about 3 days I would be forced to buy a new pair of boots in Logrono, and take a couple of days off walking.

Paper camino, Eunate


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