Friday, 6 May 2011

"Just Like The Camino."

Somewhere In Spain
Beverley in the distance.
One of the things to come out of the camino is knowing just how much we like to be able to cover a good chunk of ground in a day off, ideally at least 15 miles of landscape traversed. Since one does not HAVE unlimited time to walk and then to lounge about and be fed and watered, we've discovered the bike ride to be The Thing. We can traverse a lot of ground, take in a camino-day's eye-ful of views, and round here in N. Lincs we have a wonderful network of level or gently undulating paths and quiet roads available to us, including of course over the bridge and into Yorks.

This pic was taken on my phone, and could have done with  bit of zooming in, and then you'd have seen Beverley Minster on the horizon more clearly.

We know we're having a good day when we say, "It's Just Like The Camino!"

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