Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Camino bore, day 4

Wonderful memories of the wine fountain at Irache! See these:


also a You tube;


All you can drink....
 You can always tell an off-duty arrived pilgrim: they are the ones walking round in clothing suitable for the weather EXCEPT that they wear sandals, whatever the weather! Reasons obvious, I think. The albergue in the bowels of the municipal sports hall at nearby Ayegui seemed luxurious - there were tables and chairs in the middle of the room, and quite a bit of space. But the meal they served us there turned out to be the second-worst of the whole trip. We were grateful for the pudding, the spartan thin, plain yogurt with a sachet of white sugar; they couldn't mess THAT up! The worst bit was the thin slice of fried boot-sole which came in 'chicken' or 'beef' flavour.
Luxury albergue at Ayegui

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