Sunday, 1 May 2011

Camino bore, day 2: the paper camino begins

Paper camino - start folding in the middle

The paper camino folded into a book, with the 2010 Coptic-sewn pilgrim diary
 Today is a year on from the second day of walking the camino. yesterday was Roncesvalles to Zubiri, today is Zubiri to Uterga, the day we had to do an extra, evening walk to get us from Cizor Menor to Uterga as Cizor Menor albergue, which normally holds 50 people, was full to overflowing with 70 arrivals; the first indication of what happens in a Holy Year, i.e. when St. James's day falls on a Sunday.

I thought about doing this paper camino 'next time I do the camino' and then thought - why not now? The book starts life as a single piece of paper, cut in a spiral and then folded into a little book.

The paintings are little sketch/designs going from right to left (Just Like The Camino), beginning with a Portakabin-for-8 in the Pyrenees, where we experienced a severe overnight thunderstorm; next, the very plain but very adequate albergue at Zubiri. We began to find out what helped an albergue seem 'good' - in this case there were clothes hooks on the wall, which made all the difference to storage. The third sketch depicts Alto de Perdon, which we had to cross in order to get a bed for the night in Uterga at the end of the 2nd day of walking.

Please excuse us - we have camino fever just now, and the kitchen is a hive of Santiago mediaeval pilgrim music, the kitchen table littered.... The paper camino will be interesting when complete and unfolded into a complete sheet of paper again. I began symbolically in the middle going outward; I don't hold with this camino as 'a journey into oneself' (hopefully if so, a day return!); surely it ought to lead outwards.
The paper camino begins
Alto de Perdon

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