Sunday, 24 April 2011

But WHY?

Today after the morning eucharist, the parish priest fell into a sound slumber, so I decided to take the hat on a Humber trip rather than stay around and maybe disturb him by making noises in the kitchen, washing up and so on, though I must say that I can sleep VERY well through the sound of someone else washing up. I liked the idea of stopping on the bridge with this floral offering, in a sort of reversal of the usual floral offerings on the bridge, which take the form of a bunch of flowers tied to the railings at a point where some poor soul has not felt able to carry on living. To place the Easter-eucharistic hat at such a place seemed to symbolise some kind of hope, and to ride about in the hat was a bit of a 'Do they know it's Christmas?' kind of outing, and several people smiled at me, which can't be bad.

I made it over to the Other Side and down onto Hessle foreshore, and then back into Barton where I ascended about 3 of the 4 hills on offer just for the joy of coming back down (remember?), and back home with just 10 minutes in which to get changed for choral evensong, not thinking it quite right to turn up in biking gear, though why not? (Bedrooms suffer when you do that kind of thing - whirling about trying on about 3 of everything to see what will go well with a wind-blown hat full of flowers begging to be allowed to lie down). Part of the idea was to road-test the flowers and see how many actually did blow away in the wind (very few), and how many might be relied on tomorrow to make the trip to Lincoln Cathedral when the choir will be singing evensong (very few).

The bike is a leftover from when our boys were my size, and I love it; a British-made Raleigh Sabre 18-speed such as you can now get on e-bay for about £10.

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