Friday, 22 April 2011

Psalms skirt

Here is one I made earlier! This is some of the ongoing work on the Psalms, small textile pictures which get turned into - er - a skirt, the 'Psalms skirt'. Although I'm working from Psalms 1 onwards, now and again I have to do one of the later ones, such as 65 and 131. These are fairly self-explanatory. Others need a good deal of explanation! Ps 132 was the psalm for the Sunday evening when David was trying to erect a greenhouse, and part of it shattered. Thus 'Remember David in all his troubles' had the choir girls falling about, and you can see the shattered glass here. Ps 65 is homage to Samuel Palmer's harvest etchings. Eventually, the whole skirt will be covered, and my textile skills will have improved with practice. It's a great way to combine exegesis, bike riding, bookbinding, gardening and - er - posing. Most of my hobbies in one go!

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