Thursday, 28 April 2011

The garden (1)

 I'm rather pleased with the 'woodland edge' above. It's a mix of various native wild things, including hollies that were sky-rocketting, but were cut down to stumps as low as 18", which then sprout again and can be topiarised. There's also a damson and a crab apple, and they have already been used for jelly.

To the left is the bird area. This is the view from the kitchen sink, and is expressly designed to be suitable for birds, with lots of cover.

Here is the Portuguese quince, which was moved from an earlier position under a sycamore tree where it was not happy. Now it is in full sun near the walnut tree, and has rewarded us with a lovely display of flowers and the best leaves ever. We have high hopes of quince jelly in the autumn.

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