Thursday, 28 April 2011

Garden: and can it be....?

 Love this! Stripey tulips, such a well-groomed kind of plant that seems (when in a vase) to get into a party mood and lollop all over the place in a drunken manner. But I spy! What is that thing to the left? A geum urbanum? T'owd man'll go nuts, he's been eradicating them constantly. What a pity - such a perfect pic; rather like taking a pic of someone chewing, by accident.
And this? We can't remember what it is, only that it is some kind of species viburnum, a guelder rose or a wayfaring tree, we THINK. Lovely in our 'woodland edge'.
And can it be... a mulberry? We've had this little bush for years, starting in a tub for 5 years, and then in the back lawn for 6 years, but never a fruit. We had a look at an ancient known fruiting mulberry to see what the young fruits look like, and THINK we might here have a fruit..... we shall see.

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