Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Ruth project

This is the start of the Ruth Project, which is my attempt to make an object that will in itself be an exegesis of the book, requiring some explanation of course. Above is the structure, which will all be covered in fabric and thread in some form, so the colours here mean nothing, they are just the card that happened to be available. The structure has 8 sections, which conveniently reflects the 4 chapters of Ruth - 2 sections per chapter. The square on the top will be one of 6 which will contain some text from the point of view of 6 characters or groups of characters. Below is a mock-up of what will become one of the sections relating to ch 2; I had to make this to clear my head after studying ch 2 closely; there were so many connections with other parts of the OT, and within the boook of Ruth itself, that I had to make some visual version. This model helped me when it came to doing exegesis with my Ruth study group. Some version of this will probably appear in the finished piece. The hexagon may be used as a door, to give some privacy to Ruth & Boaz since we do not know exactly what happened at the threshing floor. The whole thing is very much in its naked infancy, and will look unlike what is here when finished, except for the underlying structure. A lot of geometry went into making a structure which had eights and sixes in it, and the hexagonal opening with sides of equal length.

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