Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

The hat got decorated, and a second loaf of bread was made! It was covered in wild things, the hat I mean. Fizz was served, and lunch after the loll on the grass. The hat has wilted now though, and I'll need some other thing for tomorrow at Lincoln cathedral, as our wonderful choir will be singing evensong there at 5.30 to mark our choirmaster's 40th anniversary as choirmaster. Choral evensong here tonight requiring a hat too; perhaps the wilted one will be fine. (I thank thee Lord that thou didst not make me a ladyclergyman!) Happy Easter!

Sermon from t'owd man was about resurrection (well fancy that) and life before death, and ideas for my Ruth project (ch 1) came flooding in during the offertory, but are unlikely to be realised in any form until next week at the earliest. Normal exegetical service will then be resumed. For now, I feel I must give the hat a spin across the bridge.......

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  1. fantastic outfit there! the green dress, red shoes, fitted jacket and the hat. really stunning!
    Emma x