Friday, 29 April 2011

Republican ride.

Gosh, what an auspicious day! A year ago we were driving down through France to Roncesvalles for the start of the camino. Here you can see the Humber mud from the bridge at the start of our day's republican ride. We took bike route 1 across to and through Hull, and joined route 65 which took us along an abandoned, Beeching-ed railway track to Hornsea and the end of the TransPennine Trail. A round trip of 51 miles, and thanks to my bike computer was able to see that my top speed when pedalling down the slope of the bridge towards Barton at the end of the ride with a following wind was 30 mph. I was not displeased, and will try again with my jacket zipped up next time, as I think this slowed me down a bit.
Just Like The Camino!

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It's not Santiago, is it?

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