Sunday, 24 April 2011

Rocket science

I'm only allowed to spend time on this blog if I make it serious; t'owd man gets twitchy if I'm on Facebook as he says it's all pointless trivia. Thus, greetings from St. Mary's Barton-on-Humber on Easter morning 2011. 6 am, ugh. 'Just like the camino' as I am wont to say. I'm not a morning person. This is Kathy, our curate, with Easter new fire. You might make out a bottle in the background between the two gravestones; this is not the debris of Barton's night life, but the launching pad for the rocket. You can see a previous rather spectacular Easter bonfire at
Try it! You won't be disappointed. And now, frothy coffee consumed I must turn the hat below into something less 'Ezekiel 37'. (It's the dried remains of the last hat of summer 2010).

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  1. Now I did try turning up for this morning fire jobby - looked at the clock and it said 5.24 am so I thought I will have two more mins. Woke up 2 hours later - but I WAS there in spirit. Honest. Better luck next time.
    Kev xx