Friday, 22 April 2011

Cloth Q explained

Cloth Q surely needs no explanation! He is the character in Ecclesiastes, Qoheleth. Here he is, soon after being created, in his birth place, my lair. He's actually Cloth Q 2, as Cloth Q 1 was made especially for Ecclesiastes expert Eric Christianson. Cloth Q 2 is 'chasing after wind', as I am*; sadly, tomorrow's wind is forecast to be rather pathetic. I feel sure that Qoheleth would be the kind of person to take up some energetic sport in later life, and would affirm the validity of doing it rather poorly. (I think this is called 'midrash'.)

I felt justified in getting some exegetical help from sport when I read that some clergyman had done a PhD in 'snowboarding and spirituality', in which it was held that the snowboarding experience is a spiritual one.  See
"Canon Elliot interviewed 35 snowboarders, including “merchant bankers, civil servants, teachers, and all kinds of people you wouldn’t expect to be snowboarders”."

Er - what DOES he expect? And how else could they afford to do it?

Anyway, it had to happen that this blog contained some windsurfing reference.  Maybe you can say that this kind of thing is a spiritual experience, but isn't it just the joy of whizzing along powered by a natural force? (As opposed to jet-skiiing - ugh!) Which makes you feel good to be alive?

*I know, I know - in Qoheleth, 'chasing after wind' has negative connotations; I'm just playing!

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